Chasing Giants are the 3-piece Sydney Alternative Rock band made up of members Ben Corby (guitar), Maurice Webb (bass) and Jake Arvonen (drums)

After forming early 2015 at UNI they made a splash in the Sydney underground scene with their catchy singles ‘Jinx’ and ‘Scarred’ allowing them to tour across NSW.

The boys parted ways with their singer at the beginning of 2016 leading them to the point they are now pulling guest vocalists and working with the likes of other Sydney artists Amastro, Ethan Conway, Chantell Nohra, as well as Callum and Harrison from Set In Motion.

“By having the 3 of us as Chasing Giants and working with great singers from all genres, it allows our sound to keep fresh and new. It also makes for a great live show with the crowd always engaged.” Jake Arvonen

On March 8th 20116 Chasing Giants released their first single of 2016 ‘Shut Down’ for free, teaming up with DJ Amastro for a protest song for the Sydney lock out laws.

This is the 3rd year that Chasing Giants have performed at the Gundaroo Music Festival and they always get a fantastic response from the crowd