The loss of the ability to communicate is often one of the most difficult outcomes in the relentless progression of MND. Imagine losing the ability to speak or communicate with your wife or husband, children, family and friends. For many people, losing the ability to speak occurs in tandem with the loss of other physical abilities, such as leg muscle weakness, resulting in a person experiencing increasing isolation when unable to leave their house without assistance.

A key role of the Motor Neurone Disease Association’s equipment library is to provide communication equipment.  Text to speech and other apps enable a person with MND to communicate and stay in touch with family, friends and others inside and outside the home.  The ability to speak with a neurologist, an MND NSW Advisor, speech pathologist or occupational therapist when you live in a regional or remote area is now available through an internet connection and an iPad or a specialised computer mouse.

An iPad, mounting and a shock proof case costs are approximately $1600 each and thanks to the support of the McGrath Gundaroo Music Festival MND NSW will be able to provide more communication equipment, free of charge to more people across the ACT and NSW.