Night Train has been a staple on the Canberra music scene for the last 16 years and whilst they’ve been through the gamut of emotions that the music industry can provide, one things for sure, the band is as solid as ever, they love entertaining, and their hunger, which may have shifted focus over the years, it’s still what drives them to put on a top notch show every gig, whether it’s playing their covers show in a local pub, or playing to thousands supporting some of the biggest names in the Aussie Music Industry.

In April 2015 Night Train returned to the scene of their 1st ever Canberra CD Launch (albeit known as Juggernaut 101 back in 2001) local lads TONK and Alex Gibson from the Voice graced the stage in support, as Night Train launched MK-VI, 10 tracks that took the listener through fist in the air rock tunes and thoughtful ballads, that they’ve became famous for.

A quick history for the uninitiated;

The band began in 2001, within 12 months they signed a record deal with legendary Australian producer and Wizard Records CEO, Robie Porter, (the man responsible for such acts as Daddy Cool, Marcia Hines, Rick Springfield, Air Supply and Tommy Emmanuel). Due to Robie returning to America for family/business reasons, the boys parted ways with Robie in Dec 2004, but took all they learnt from the Aussie Icon and took control of their own destiny. This saw the band spend much of 2005 working in a new drummer and coming up with the tunes that grace the Puzzle EP, their 2nd release, which also charted in the ARIA Top 100.

Night Train’s previous offering, “Black Sally Lane” (also on the Puzzle EP) sold out within days in Canberra and attracted 800+ to the launch in October 2003. Black Sally Lane charted in the Top 100 of the National ARIA chart on Canberra sales alone – an astonishing feat in itself – and broke all sales records for a local artist.

In 2007 Night Train returned from a” Tour de Force” in the Solomon Islands playing for the RAMSI mission on deployment in the Pacific, so impressed were the organisers in the Forces Advisory Council on Entertainment (FACE), that they enlisted the boys to head to Iraq mid-2007 to play for troops stationed in the Middle East.

The band comprises of Clint Bopping on Lead Vocals and Bass Guitar, David Moon on Guitar, Ben Schumann on Drums, and Scotty Masters on Guitar.

Entertaining has always been at the forefront of a Night Train performance, whether it be opening for a National Act or headlining one of their own shows. The ethos of the band has always been to make sure the crowd has a good time, and it’s this professional attitude that has seen Night Train support the likes of, The Screaming Jets, Magic Dirt, Killing Heidi, Alex Lloyd, Something for Kate, Spiderbait, Jimmy Barnes, Lash, Richard Clapton, You am I and appear live on the Channel V Music Bus and played for ADF and AFP in the Solomon Islands.

Fast forward to 2017 and MK-VI is still selling well and Night Train is getting ready to work on some new songs shortly, there’s even talk of working with a Grammy award producer this time around, but that’s all we can say for now!!!!

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