Kashmir is a tribute to Led Zeppelin featuring Matt Davis, Nicholas Lee-Murphy, Saxon Davis and Bill Avery

Dedicated to striking a nostalgic chord, Kashmir create an authentic listening and visual experience for the audience hoping to evoke a feeling of what was and what will never be…

First conceived at the annual meeting of Jimmy Page look-alikes early 2019, Nicholas Lee-Murphy went searching through the ether looking for the spirit of John Bonham. After a brief discussion with the soul of JRR Tolkien, Bonham appeared before Nick trapped inside the shells of a Ludwig Vistalite drum kit, his giant head inside the floor tom. His ramblings were indecipherable but his message was clear:

“Nick you will put on a tribute to my brothers and it shall be called Kashmir, if this doesn’t set me free and reunite me with my other body parts come back and we’ll do something else”

The mission was clear, the reason….slightly ambiguous. None the less Nick set about recruiting the most surly, unsavoury vagabond misfits he could find within an 8 mile radius. First came the malignant Matt “Benchmark” Davis, sporting a look that said, “you owe me sixpence Vincent Daniel” and fashioning a beard that will make your toothbrush bristle, second was the sensational Saxon “Toblerone” Davis, his ghoulish good looks and devilish playing style a must-have for any would be posers. Finally came the man formally known as William “Penny Farthing” Avery, more commonly known as the creature that ate the creature from the black lagoon. Imposing, impossible and impish are all words you will likely here when describing this colossus…the truth is that Bill is a charismatic rogue his looks rival Brad Pitts his height rivals Bilbo Baggins doorway.

Kashmir is a gateway for the open minded, a family for the lost and an entity of free love.

Nicholas Lee-Murphy