The Filthy Darlings although formally formed mid 2017 began in 2012. I had moved back to Canberra from Melbourne and was very depressed after a bid to get involved in the music industry failed. I spent one day vowing to grow up and give up music before I decided to return to my dreams and try again.

I set myself very small but achievable goals and didn’t overly complicate my life at the time. Something as small as, “I will do 20 push ups and 20 sit ups everyday for 1 month” then I will increase it incrementally as my physical/mental fitness improves.

I figured if I could set about making my world small but ultimately something I could for the better part control it would be easier to get out of the funk I was in as everything is constantly going according to plan.

I spent 3 years without fail slowly building my self esteem and ability before I began playing with a cellist by the name of Joel Davy. So, began the precursor to the Filthy Darlings, we called ourselves Songmen and as a duo I felt there was little complication in moving forward, the emotions of 2 people are easier to negotiate than that of a band.

We played together for 2 years before we grew apart, (not permanently) we are keen to work together within this band again, but the sound has evolved and there is much work to be done rather than Joel slotting back in where he left off.

Which brings me to the current line-up, in 2012 I met my primary band colleague, a gent by the name of Ben Brikcius when he came into Better Music (where I work) and asked if I would be interested in being in a short film. He and the gent who would later become the Drummer for the Filthy Darlings, Matt Swain asked me to come to Cooma and be filmed for a short Film entitled Snowblind by film maker Sean Kruck. I was the bassist for a put together band that just had to play for the movie. We struck up a friendship, however at the time I was still mentally unfit, so we stayed in touch and didn’t play music together until 2015 where he asked if I would be interested in being Elwood blues in a Blues brother’s concert.

The show was a success and the friendship and musical comradery grew, it was there that I met my future bassist Denis Vrkic. He played Jake from the movie whilst Matt Swain was on drums and Ben on lead guitar.

After the show we stayed in touch and finally June 2017 we got together to jam the tunes I had been writing for the last 5 years. The chemistry already long established from the Blues Brothers show was immediate and we played our first show at a pub in Canberra in July 2017, we launched an EP that I had been recording throughout the year and we had formally begun.