The Chesterfield Band is a luscious, raw, high energy, indie roots experience that is compelling, captivating and powerful. Combining the irresistible voice of Tess, her Dad (CC) on guitar and a smooth layer of beats from the ever exuberant Dylan underneath, The Chesterfield Band delivers an incredible sound.

From Canberra, Tess and her Dad, CC Hall, have been playing music together since forever. Before Tess turned 18, they performed under the name “My Dad and I”. They released their first single “If You Love”, which ranked #184 on the iTunes Alternative Charts. The single also enjoyed airplay on various College radio stations across the USA. The song was also picked up by Spotify Curators in the Netherlands, gaining even more exposure.

At the end of 2017, Tess and her Dad realised that the future of their music had grown into a much bigger sound and so the band expanded to include Dylan Harding on drums. Dylan throws down an exuberant layer of soulful beats and driving passion. Recently, The Chesterfield Band have been touring The East Coast of Australia, supporting their debut single “Imagining Nothing At All”, set be officially released in April 2018.

Their sound sits in a pocket with the likes of Sarah Blasko, of Monsters and Men and Missy Higgins. The band members blur the lines between friends and family and their songs reflect their shared experiences.
Vocals / Tess
Vocals, Guitars / CC Hall
Drums / Dylan Harding
Bass/ Craig Marshalsey