Brittany Jane, singer, songwriter and self-professed music tragic. Born in Darwin but now living and working around Canberra, Brittany says that her love of music began when she was very little while enjoying dance parties in the living room with the family. She says her Dad’s love for a good set of stereo speakers was the catalyst for “most of my favourite childhood memories.”

“My Dad was in the army so we moved around a lot,” says Brittany. “I believe music really resonates with me because it brought our family close together.”

Brittany Jane has been entering talent quests, playing guitar and singing her favourite songs since as long as she can remember. “Mum and Dad are not only my biggest supporters but also my biggest critics. They definitely made sure I wasn’t going to fool myself,” she says.

Brittany has been influenced by a wide range of artists and styles from Chris Stapleton to Shania Twain and ACDC! And from classical to heavy metal.

Drake White is right up there on her list of role models. Brittany says he has magnificent control over his voice and a great stage presence. “My performance goal would be to own the stage the way Drake does.”

She believes that this variety has influenced her writing and playing. “Anyone who knows me will say that I’ve always got big new ideas. It does make it hard to decide which idea to pursue so I’m just following them all at the moment.” She says you’ll just have to sit tight to see what they are.

Playing the Gundaroo Music Festival on October 13th this year “fulfils a big dream” for Brittany Jane. She says that having the opportunity to open the Festival on such a big stage is “simply fantastic.”