Motor Neurone Disease has touched the lives of many families, including those in our local community. Karalee Baker has a history of MND in her family, with her maternal great grandmother, maternal grandmother and father all passing away from the debilitating disease. Karalee’s mother was also diagnosed with MND in 2014, however thankfully is yet to experience any symptoms.

With a history of MND on both sides of their family, Karalee and her siblings have a higher chance of being diagnosed with the disease sometime in their lives. But with no known cure or preventatives, Karalee is determined to raise awareness of MND and raise funds for answers into the disease.

Karalee will run 45 kilometres from Queanbeyan to Gundaroo on the day of the GMF, and is expected to arrive at 2pm. A fundraising page has been set up to give us all the opportunity to donate to the cause.

We wish Karalee the very best in her journey, and urge you to dig deep and support her quest to raise funds for MND research.

To learn more about Karalee’s journey, and donate, head to: